Alice Barton has just completed a Master's Degree at Bath Spa University, after graduating in 2015 with a degree in Dance and Drama from Bath Spa University. Throughout her degree she created several solo works that develop a visual theatrical language to communicate. Barton has worked as a performer and collaborator with dance theatre company Red Room Productions on a production called Borderlands (2016).


Barton’s most recent work in collaboration with artist Rory Buckley consist of a range audio visual installations. The projects aim to provide the view with an experiential and interactive journey. The works explore the presence of water in our environment and the human body, highlighting the relationship between these sources.

Since 2016 Barton has been developing her teaching practice as an Associate lecturer in BA Drama Studies at Bath Spa University. Her practical and workshop based teaching programs range from physical and visual theatre and devising to performance and media.

Contact: alice.barton11@bathspa.ac.uk